How to turn off World Chat

July 2, 2013 at 10:19am

I ran across this post on Game Skinny, which linked to this thread by Adimus of Siel on the Aion forums detailing how to turn off the new World Chat box that was introduced in 4.0. Nice find!!!

Basically, you use a .BAT file (which by-passes the new launcher) to toggle the feature off. For those concerned, using the .BAT file to launch the game is not against the TOS as long as you aren’t using it for botting or any other nefarious activities.

Thank you, Adimus, for the following helpful info! :3


1) Open Notepad (or your favourite text editor), and paste the following two lines into a new file:

@echo off
start bin32\aion.bin -ip: -port:2106 -cc:1 -noauthgg -charnamemenu -f2p -webshopevent:1 -loginex -pwd16 -nosatab -fmd

2) Save the file with a “.bat” extension (e.g. “aion.bat”) in your main Aion folder. This folder is “C:\Program Files\NCSoft\Aion" by default, but may vary depending on where you installed the game.

3) Double-click on the “.bat” file to launch Aion. You can also create a shortcut to this file on your desktop for convenience.


With the 4.0 update, the Aion executable has a new command line flag called “-megaphone”. You can confirm this by running the game from the NC launcher, and checking the “aion.bin” process in Task Manager. The flag is there by default. Removing this flag seems to completely remove the World Chat window from the game.


Old news, but you can also remove the BCM Marketplace icon by adding the “-nowebshop” flag to the command line above.


Really old news, but in case you haven’t seen the other hundred posts about this, you can run the 64-bit Aion executable by adding the “-64” flag to the command line above.


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