Luminasiel (Siel’s Level 60 Daeva) Weapon Quest

December 10, 2012 at 6:58pm

I’ll apologize in advance for this not being as detailed as I would have liked. I was well into the first bit when I realized, “Oh crap! I’m supposed to be taking notes!”

To begin your weapon quest, you need to complete The Shining Spear (Elyos) or The Shadow Spear (Asmodian) to obtain the starting quest. As of the 3.5 patch, you can begin this questline at level 55.

You’ll then go see Kahrun and start The Real Siel’s Spears. You will then get the 3 following quests:

  • A Special Hearthbloom - Feed a guestbloom for Siel’s Petals. This quest is really easy; you get one petal per day, so it’s completed in a week if done daily.
  • Collecting Dark Emotions - Here you have to collect 330 each of 3 different type of essences: Essence of Hate, Essence of Wrath, and Essence of Sorrow. Each has a set of mobs to kill for these quest items, but don’t fret! Instead of killing the mobs, you can complete Aiding Varzeni instead, which will net you 110 essences of your choice. This is an easier route because you can kill any of the 3 following instance bosses to complete this repeatable:
    • Raksha Boilheart (Raksang)
    • Brigade General Vasharti (Rentus)
    • Brigade General Tahabata (Dark Poeta)

    Me personally, I ran Rentus a few times but mostly ran Raksang (hardmode) because it’s quick and can easily be duo’d.

  • Crafting the Light of Innocence - This is also an easy quest but took me a minute or two to figure out. Basically you buy the Morph Method: Noble Aureole recipe from Safadorn in Sarpan. Once you’ve done this, you buy a Mysterious Powder and use your DP to morph a Light of Innocence. To make this go faster, I simply stocked up on Mysterious Powders and ran Sky Fortress and Taloc’s Hallow for the abundance of DP and morphed until I had all my quest items done.

Once all of those are complete, you will be presented with another set of quests:

  • Collecting Heavenly Odium - This one wasn’t too bad, but requires you to have your aethertapping at 400 or higher in order to gather the quest items from the Heavenly Odium nodes in the bottom of Ellesra Cave in Sarpan. Grab yourself some Activation Fertilizers from Safadorn in Sarpan and get to gathering!

  • Collecting Dangerous Emotions - Here you are once again tasked to acquire 330 each of 3 different type of essences: Essence of Insanity, Essence of Murder, and Essence of Emptiness. Each has a set of mobs to kill for these quest items, same as before. You can also do a side quest (Aiding Varzeni Again) to net 110 essences of your choice by killing the following bosses:
    • Tuali (Elementis Forest)
    • Zadra Spellweaver (Argent Manor)
    • Empress Muada (Muada’s Trencher)

You’re in the home stretch now and almost done. Go see Kahrun for Your Luminasiel Weapon (buy a Sign of Devoted Faith from Audria in Sarpan for about 38mil) for your weapon of choice, followed by The Asmodian of Siel’s Spear (Asmodian) or The Elyos of Siel’s Spear (Elyos) for the title.

The stats on this series of weapons (from what I’ve seen so far) seem to be comparable to the Kahrun weapons. Me personally, I chose the mace for the 9% cast speed. And as of the 3.7 patch, these weapons can now be skinned, so Harley is once again sporting a mallet when she heals. ^_^

(and now skinned)


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