My new shiny wings

November 20, 2012 at 12:23pm

Earlier last week I finally finished a questline for a set of wings I am looking forward to skinning to my Ancient Spirit’s Wings: Skafir’s Wing Feather.

The stats are not bad if you do not have an eternal set of wings and the quest line takes a bit of time but is relatively easy to complete. For Asmodians, you start with Alpen’s Proof and once you complete it 30 times, you are given Capability Confirmation. For Elyos, it’s Flavia’s Proof and Their Deaths are Legion. Those wings are Ancanus’ Wing Feather.

Basically, you collect Tiamat Legion Epaulets and turn in 10 per day for the daily repeatable (for a Lesser Contribution Bundle). Then once that is done, collect 150 to turn in for the wings. These items are dropped by balic mobs in Tiamaranta and Tiamaranta’s Eye. (I personally found they dropped more frequently in the Eye.)

So now I can’t wait until the next patch which is supposed to give us the ability to skin our wings! It’s not that I don’t love my Ancient Spirit’s wings, but I adore the black with blue shiny look of these wings. ^_^


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