Siel’s Forgotten (Level 60 Daeva Set) Questline

July 16, 2012 at 8:35am

Everyone I know who is working on this quest line has told me what a pain the rump it is. And they weren’t kidding. While you don’t have to have the level 50 set to begin working towards this one, it is a lot of work and hassle. That said, I believe the rewards are well worth it. ^_^

Note: You have to have completed ALL Sarpan and Tiamaranta campaign quests before you can begin working on this. You will also need to have mastered a craft and have a high (400+) gathering level.

The starting NPC is Kahrun in Kamar (Sarpan). You see him to get this quest chain started:

  • Shoes - Steps to the Spear - Similar to the 50 set, you have to find hidden NPCs: Emita, Ampria, Draitia, and Tinotia. You have to find them all within 13 minutes, so I suggest carrying some running scrolls, and Rancora Fortress and Kamar scrolls!

The following video was posted by Katrah on Siel as a guide for anyone getting stuck:

Drackon and I both followed the route explained in the walk-through video above and we were able to complete the quest within the time given. Even with the walk-through though, we had to have several “practice runs” to get the process down in order to make it to each NPC within the time limit. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first attempt. Keep trying!

A Tip: You cannot suicide to a kisk as a shortcut. (LOL, we tried!) Had I had any Spiritmaster friends available, I would have tried being summoned, so I have no idea if that’s allowed or not (I would think so?).

Once you have spoken to all NPCs, pick up a Sign of Faith from Audria. It will run about 12 mil. and go back to see Kahrun.

  • Gloves - A Tribute for All Seasons - You need to collect 100 Warm Fragments and 100 Cool Fragments. These are located in the housing district from the “meteors" (screenshot) found around the land. These maps will help with your search. The current season in-game will determine which fragments are more easily found. I was able to collect all of the “in season” fragments within a couple of days, as their re-spawn time was between 15-30 minutes. The “out of season” ones take more time to appear, and will be harder to find. But they DO spawn, so don’t give up!

    Note: along the way, you will pick up plenty of various aether gems. These can be redeemed via a daily quest (A/E) for guestbloom fertilizers.

    When you have collected all of your fragments, pick up another Sign of Faith from Audria and go see Kahrun.
  • Shoulders - Spear Statues - Here’s where your master crafting ability comes into play. You have to craft a Shining Holy Statue of Siel.

    It is comprised of the following subcomponents:

    • Truth Dagger - Weaponsmithing
    • Decorative Armor - Armorsmithing
    • Holy Insignia - Tailoring
    • Orb of Sacrifice - Handicrafting
    • Essence of Empyrean Lady Siel - Alchemy
    • Bladder Glue - Cooking
    • Elaborate Rack - Construction

    Basically, it’s an item crafted from subcomponents crafted by a master for each craft available in the game. The good news is that you should be able to find these on the broker. When I was working on mine, I noticed that there were a ton of these items crafted by other masters for sale.

    However, if you have multiple alts with multiple mastered crafts, you could likely save money by crafting those yourself. In this case, I’d suggest stocking up on the following materials:

    • Dazzling Corundum Ore
    • Dazzling Elatrite Ore
    • Dazzling Turquoise Ore
    • Brilliant Drenite Ore
    • Brilliant Malevite Ore
    • Brilliant Magical Aether

    Once you have collected all 7 components, craft … and pray that it proc’s. ;) If you fail your attempt, you will need to re-purchase the design from Anathia. (you can buy several copies of the recipe if needed)

    Once you have crafted the quest item, pick up another Sign of Faith from Audria and go see Kahrun.
  • Pants - Dew Patience - Your essencetapping skill will need to be at least 400 for this part. You’ll wear a Shabby Ring in order to try to collect 50 Noble Dew from gatherables found around Sarpan and Tiamaranta.

    You’ll be collecting the following gatherables which have a small chance of yielding the quest item:

    • Fibers: Prolix, Hoca
    • Vegetables: Lapide, Coslu, Ralloc, Chersnip, Entrin, Jurak
    • Herbs: Liconsis, Zeldt, Plia, Hintera

    When you have all 50, purchase a Sign of Strong Faith (costs 18 mil) and go see Kahrun.
  • Chest - The Koligran - Go kill happy! Seriously, this one is a monster hunt for rewards from Reian NPCs. Here you will earn Sacrifice and Dedication Curios. You have your choice of 4 quests for each type, killing 260 mobs for each Dedication Curio and 235-251 mobs for each Sacrifice Curio, depending on which quest you take:

    All Dedication Curio quests are in Sarpan and turned in to Orn. All Sacrifice Curio quests are in Tiamaranta and turned in to Pascal.

    My advice: get a grind party together to do these. Because you are killing a set number of mobs rather than getting a quest item drop, the grind will go much faster with more people doing the killing. Group with others working on this quest, or anyone nice enough to give you a hand!

    Once you have all your Curios, purchase a Sign of Earnest Faith (24 mil) and go see Kahrun.
  • Title - The Shadow Spear (A) / The Shining Spear (E) - Hooray, another title! ^_^

    The stats are as follows:
    • Attack +3
    • Atk Speed +2%
    • Magic Boost +17
    • Casting Speed +2%

The Numbers

You can view screenshots of each set on the Aion Game Guide page, and each set’s stats are courtesy of Aion Armory:


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