Daevic Flux

Apr 19

Dat Bat …

I decided that my bard needed to be its own toon. It’s not going to replace Harley as my main, but I enjoy playing it from time to time when I need a break. She needed to get out of Harley’s shadow, so to speak. So, this afternoon I broke down and bought a plastic surgery, then a rename ticket. I started thinking about who she would become. I decided to rename her after Cassandra Cain … everyone, meet BlackBat.

I’m pretty happy with the way she turned out, though I would have preferred a different hair style. Overall I’m pleased. What do y’all think? :)

Apr 12

I so miss this emote …

I have always hated what /cheer was updated to be. I miss the old one. :(

And /cheer on an Elyos male toon ~WAS~ indeed the funniest thing ever! ;)

Mar 26

Steel Calvary update patch notes available

If you haven’t already, go read the patch notes covering today’s update. There’s a LOT to it, holy cow! o.O

Changes include:

New Glory Points quests have been added to the game. Vicious Marks and Abyssal Fractals must be combined in order to receive Glory Points. There are multiple quests available offering varying amounts of GP. Abyssal Fractals can be purchased with Abyss Points. Vicious Marks can be purchased with kinah.


The range of Chanter mantras have increased from 20m to 25m


The number of Blood Marks that can be obtained from completing PvP daily quests in Katalam and Danaria has been increased from 3 to 4.

Um, tiny, but every little bit counts …

The Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame have been added to Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priory.

Skinnsssssssssssssss…. ^_^

Fixed a bug with several windstreams in Danaria not functioning properly.

OMG, finally!

You! Go! Read! NOW! :)

Mar 22

You can’t quit Aion …

Courtesy of one of my legionmates. :)

Mar 14

Gaining GP

Researching ways to gain GP, I ran across this thread on the Nobody Plays Games forums, and thought I’d share this here. Please feel free to post corrections or additions via comments below. :)

You will get GP from doing the following:

GP Quests - There are some that provide GP for PVE. Some are repeatable and a few are one-time quests. Here is a list for each faction.



Bloodmark quests will also give 3 GP each which turn in to weekly quests GP:100

Mar 12

Scattered Deck Event begins

I just got an email from NCsoft promoting the new event that began with today’s maintenance.

Go see the event page for a complete list of details, but the gist is instances bosses for Fire Temple and up drop these cards, with 60+ instances having best drop rate. Collect 10 cards to turn in for a Fabled Mysterious Reward Box. Prizes include the following:

Mmmmmmm, cera medals. Yes, please! :D

Mar 03

AionSource is moving

Holy cow Daevas, how is it March already?!!? o.O Sorry it’s been so quiet here, work has had me hella busy plus I’ve had family drama to deal with lately. :(

I’m late to the party on this one. Nobody announced a couple of weeks ago that AionSource is moving to a new location. Its current site and forums will be going down. So, if you didn’t already know, its new location is:


Update your bookmarks!! I’m already working on the next version of Aionfox, so the new location will be reflected in the Firefox addon as well as the mobile site.

Feb 01

Harley taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank!

I missed the first couple days of 4.5 due to work, but have spent last night and today leveling up one of the new AetherTechs. I am LOVING this class. I don’t know about whether or not I’ll level it to 65, but so far it has been VERY fun! ^_^

Everyone, meet my mech: Harleykink. XD

I was really tempted to call her HarleySmash … and that is still a possibility for the future. XD

Jan 25

Glory Points Guide and FAQ

One of my legionmates posted this link to our legion’s Facebook group, a post on the Aion forums by Hime regarding the Glory Points system being implemented in next week’s 4.5 patch: http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/showthread.php?t=124983

Go. Read. NOW! ^_^

Jan 22

4.5 to hit next week!

I’ll apologize now for the choppy post, I’m posting this from the road. Got the email today that the next installment, 4.5: Steel Cavalry, hits next week! (told you so, Doodles! ;)) See the linky linky below for more info!