Daevic Flux

Aug 27

Alchemy Event Returns to Aion

Remember the Alchemy event that we had last year? It’s back!

Be sure to head to the Aion site to read up on the event. There’s a ton of goodies you can get from the event boxes. Also, be sure to log in every day on all of your 30+ alts to maximize your chances of awesome loot! :)

Aug 13

Big sale in BCM and new event

Remember the survey we all took a couple weeks ago asking what we’d like to see in the Black Cloud Market and what we’d like to see discounted? Well, NCsoft has answered with this sale going on for the next 2 weeks.

Sigh … payday can’t come fast enough! XD

SO! There’s also a new event going. “Boiling Point Event” — Basically, you run instances, get drops, turn in for shiny things. Easy peasy. :)

Read up on it here!

Jul 13

Got from the 10-banner box

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice … but I would have preferred a mythic staff! ;)

Although, it DOES look funny to see a panda riding one! XD

OCD Chanterism XD

If this bar isn’t 3 full lines, I’ll obsess because I know I’m missing something! XD

Jul 03

How to regain the old skills icons

With the recent update that has skills displaying as the same icon regardless of level, some users actually prefer the old look of different icons for each level. If you prefer this, you can regain this feature by following the steps outlined by Stfxxtony’s post in the Aion forums (which is re-sharing info from Cristalo’s post, also in the Aion forums):

Hi. If you really want the old skills icons back, here’s how to: Copy “skills.rar” to X\NCsoft\Aion\data\usa, extract there, and..thats all!! Get skills.rar from: http://aionpowerbook.com/skills.rar


Note: It’s always a good idea to make backups of your folders/files before mucking about … just in case! ^_^

Jun 30

Need music for your house?

Howdy, Daevas! I was perusing the Aion forums during my lunch hour today and ran across this thread introducing a new site: Aion Music Scripts.

When I sold my estate this past weekend, like a dummy I forgot to export my house scripts so I lost all my customization and songs. (oopsie!) So, I hopped onto the forums looking to replace them, as I plan on buying a place after my transfer to Kahrun this week. (SO EXCITED!)

Anyways, if you are also looking to add some music to your studio, house, estate, etc., visit the link above! ^_^

Jun 22

Oh, and …

… I’m back, by the way. XD

Harley House for Sale

So I’ve decided that I’m going to transfer to another server in a couple weeks. This has been something I’ve thought about for a while and talking to friends of mine on other servers, I decided that it’s time I move on. There’s nothing/no one to keep me on Tiamat. I will be keeping my alts here, but Harley is moving on. I’ll be putting my estate up on the market tomorrow night. If you’re interested, make a bid! :)

Jun 07

I haven’t quit…

Sorry for the disappearance. My laptop finally ate itself and went toes up. I’ll have a replacement in a couple of weeks and hope to be back on after that. :)

Apr 30

Code Red event returns (again)

I received an email during my lunch today announcing the return of the Code Red event. So, be sure to check out the link to see the details!